Carers Trust 4all - Carers Emergency Response Service

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Service Summary

What Is Carers Emergency Response?

Carers Emergency response has been designed to support Carers in an emergency situation. Carers Trust 4all will provide an emergency service for carers who have registered with ourselves.

It is free to register. Once the carer has registered they will receive an info pack along with their carers emergency response card.

What is classed as a carers emergency?

If the carer is suddenly taken ill. If the carer needs sudden (not pre planned) hospital treatment. If the carer needs to attend a sudden emergency themselves. If the Carer for whatever reason cannot for fill their carers role. If there is no possible means of a support network i.e Family and Friends.

What does the packages provide during week days?

The Carers Emergency response can only be allocated for a maximum of 48hrs. During the weekend the service can be allocated for a maximum of 72hrs.
The Structure of the Service persists of a Care Co-ordinator and qualified Care Support worker. A Care Coordinator will answer the call and determine whether or not we can respond to the call and how best to support the cared for. Once a package has been established a qualified Care Support Worker will be assigned to support in the absence of the Carer. A structured Care plan will be wrote up detailing a personal centred care plan for the Cared for after an assessment is carried out. The package provides the carer peace of mind that things can be looked after in their absence.

Opening times

This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for EMERGENCY RESPONSE

How Carers Emergency Response can be accessed? 

Carers Emergency response can be reached out of Carers Trust 4all opening hours on the following contact number: 07710704239 Monday to Friday 17.00 to 08.30am Saturday to Sunday 24 hours.

If the emergency takes place during our normal working hours Carers Emergency response can also be reached on the above number or the company’s main contact number: 0333 323 1990 Pressing Extension 1 then 6. 
Carers Emergency Response can only be used in the advent of an Emergency. 
Carers Trust 4all have a one hour Window to respond to all care calls.

The page was last updated on 24 November 2017

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