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What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments

You may have been offered a Personal Budget by the Council and now considering a Direct Payment to meet your support needs which was agreed in your support plan.

Direct Payments are one way you can manage your Personal Budget to enable you to arrange and pay for social care support instead of the Council arranging services for you. Direct Payments offer greater flexibility, choice and control enabling you to be as independent as possible.

We have put together a Quick guide to having a Direct Payment which you can download to find out more information about Direct Payments.

Who can have Direct Payments?

You can only have a Direct Payment if you have had a Financial Assessment and the Council agrees you are eligible for certain social care services,If you are eligible and:

  • A disabled adult
  • A parent of (or people with parental responsibility for) disabled children, to pay for services for the family
  • A carer, for services to meet the carers own assessed needs
  • A disabled person with parental responsibilities for a child, for services to support their parenting role; or
  • An appointed Suitable Person for someone who lacks capacity (the Council must agree who the suitable person is)

Employing Personal Assistants?

If you would like more information about employing your own Personal Assistant using a Direct Payment, follow the links below to help you obtain further details about what this would mean for you as an individual.

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