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If your needs change

what if my needs changeIf following an assessment of your needs you go on to have services in place, it's important to keep us informed of any changes. Such changes can include an improvement in your circumstances, having more support from family and friends and telling us if the services in place are not supporting you in a beneficial way.

If you wish to arrange a reassessment of your needs, you should contact First Point of Contact on 0345 678 9044 to arrange an appointment in a Let's Talk Local hub or if needed, we can visit you in your home.

You can also find more information about Assistive Technology here which you may wish to consider the use of at the point of a reassessment.

Reviewing how it worked

We have a duty to carry out a reassessment for those people with a personal budget, and will look at these key questions:

  • What is working well for you
  • Is the support you receive enabling you to regain skills for independent living?
  • Have your needs changed and do you still have eligible needs?
  • Are you able to do something differently in order to achieve more?
  • Could some of your needs be met using existing community resources?
  • Have the outcomes that were agreed in your support plan been achieved and if not, what timescales are we looking at?
  • Does your support plan need to change?
  • Does your personal budget need to be amended?

We have also put together a handy downloadable as your needs change guide containing information about having a review and what to do if your needs have altered.

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