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Let’s Talk Local sessions

Let's Talk Local We work in partnership with many organisations which work together to support people. Therefore it is likely the person you meet will work for one of these other organisations. The Lets Talk Local sessions are organised by Adult Social Services, who provide social work and occupational therapy services and carry out assessments.

Adult Social Services also use volunteers working alongside its staff. These may be local people who have offered their time to help run these sessions and greet people when they arrive or they may be peer support volunteers who are fully trained, checked and available to sit in on the meetings and share information or advice which people may find helpful.

Where do the Let’s Talk Local sessions take place?

The sessions are held across the county in various locations and you will have the opportunity to attend a location which is most convenient for you. Some locations require people to book an appointment by contacting First Point of Contact on 0345 678 9044, while some locations also offer a drop-in service. To find out more about the Lets Talk Local session in your area, please click on the location below. Alternatively, please go to our downloadable list of drop-in sessions.

For more information, please take a look at Let's Talk Local: Fact Sheet 3.




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