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Local Support Swap

Local Support Swap is a project which aims to identify flexible ways of supporting carers in the community of Shropshire. It may be practical assistance, the opportunity to meet new people, time to relax with old friends, time to focus on yourself or meeting other carers.

The project enables carers to get involved within their community and develop projects which meet their needs. This maybe building on support already available or creating something new.

An example of this has been its work with the Memory Service, social work teams and local community to launch a new memory service in Market Drayton.

The launch of this new memory group is designed to support people living with the early stages of dementia to come together to socialise and support one another while their family carers have a chance to catch up with one another, or to take a bit of time out for themselves.

For more information about Local Support Swap, please call:

Margarete Davies on 01743 255776  Margarete.Davies@shropshire.gov.uk  



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