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Useful Gadgets

There are various gadgets and aids available to support independence and wellbeing. Used correctly they can go a long way to prevent certain conditions from worsening or even going unnoticed. In addition to this, they can provide great reassurance to carers who are concerned for their loved ones and/or feel that they are struggling to cope and continue in their caring role.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology"Any product or service designed to enable independence for disabled and older people" or "Any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed"

The term 'Assistive Technology' covers a wide range of equipment from very simple low-tech items such as calendar clocks to more high-tech items, such as sensors that can detect accidents or emergencies in the home that can be monitored by a community alarm service, known as Telecare.

Who is Assistive Technology for?

Assistive Technology devices are a benefit to anybody who needs a little extra help to continue to live independently in their own homes, and can provide help with the following aspects of independent living:


Safety in the home

These devices can help improve safety in the home. They include gas, smoke, extreme temperature and flood detectors, as well as simple lighting solutions and sophisticated systems which can control lots of different functions within the home from a single remote control unit. 

Health and personal safety

Assistive Technology devices can also monitor a person for a specific health condition such as epilepsy, can raise an alarm should a person fall, and outside of the home can be used to find a person should they go missing. They can also be used to enable a person to request help should they become disorientated when away from their home.


These devices can help to support communication. They include easy to use telephones and mobile phones, and simple solutions for people to call for help from another person within their home.

Prompts and reminders

These devices can help act as prompts and reminders by providing visual and audible cues. They include clock calendars, medication reminders and memo minders.

How do I find out more about Assistive Technology

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